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Let’s face it, the rough will never disappear, so you may as well get used to handling it. In fact, with the right attitude playing in the rough can be quite an adventure, for unexpected things sometimes happen whilst there. Greg Norman claims that he can hit the ball longer and straighter from the rough than from anywhere. Whether you want to emulate him or not, you’ll get plenty of practice to do so as you continue your golf.

Most lies in the rough are known as fliers, due to their tendency to go a lot further than you planned for.

This is because the long blades of grass get between your   club and the ball preventing the usual friction and backspin. Without backspin your ball flies on forever and when it does roll, it just keeps on keeping on. The thing to do is use less club than you would for a fairway shot of the same length. It is not recommended to use any of your long-shafted steep-faced clubs for hitting a flier as they don’t’ handle the long grass as well as the shorter clubs. The middle to short clubs are the ones to use from the rough - they’ll give you all you need to get out of it. 1, 2 and 3-irons or woods are too long for the rough. 

To hit a flier, you need to use a technique that will minimize the impact of the long grass.

Move the ball a bit further back in your stance than normal and your back swing should be more vertical to give you a steeper return. This will make the clubface to come down cleanly on the ball rather than swinging through the grass. There is no need to hit the ball any harder than you normally would. This small change is all you need to fly out of that long grass.

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The video below shows the mirror drill. The mirror drill is a great way to help you control the length of the backswing. Golf is not always played with a full swing. Sometimes we need shorter or longer swings based on trajectory or the length of the shot we want to hit.

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Images Provided by Golf Digest

Looks like robots are entering the game of golf, with the RoboGolfPro RGP 3.0, and RoboPutt. I came across this machine on Golf Digest and thought it was crazy enough to share on Golf Houston. It claims to make you a better player in minutes by mechanically adjusting your swing plane to perfection. The outcome is that no matter what club brand you use, golfers who were trained on the RoboGolfPro RGP 3.0 kept their drives twice as close to the centerline and hit, on average, 11 yards further.

The RoboPutt is similar to the RoboGolfPro RGP 3.0 only geared to putting, pitching, and chipping to perfection. This could be the golden ticket to lowering scores for those long bombers that lack a short game. 



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I constantly have problems with slicing the driver. Here are a few videos that assisted me in curing the slice with the driver.

The first video deals with ball placement and adjusting your initial stance.




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When making the golf swing it is very important to stay connected.  The left arm (if you're right handed) should stay touching with your chest on the backswing and down to impact.  This will increase both power and accuracy.  Keeping connected will reduce the chances of going outside the club plane and hitting a weaker fade or slice.  The easiest way to check the swing without becoming disconnected is to put your golf glove under your left arm and hold it there for the backswing all the to the top of the swing to the bottom without letting it fall out until just after impact.  This tip will certainly improve your ball striking.
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