Congratulations to Rickie Fowler on a shootout type victory at The Players Championship.  Kevin Kisner and Sergio Garcia did their best to win the famous crystal but were out dueled in the playoff.  Rickie was able to win the prestigious tournament with laser like precision.  The changes that Fowler has made to his golf swing have really paid dividends in the last few majors and now at The Players Championship.  Rickie finished 2nd at both the 2014 US. Open and British Open.  This was sandwiched in between a 5th at The Masters and 3rd at the PGA Championship.  Needless to say, this was a great year.  The biggest difference in his game since before 2014 was his swing.  Rickie started working with Butch Harmon and he has worked him into much better positions throughout his swing.  There are a couple keys that jump out to me. 

1) Halfway through the back-swing, the club head is no longer way outside of his hands.  At this point, the toe of the club is now pointing vertical, straight up to the sky, as apposed to parallel to the ground and closed.

2) Three quarters into the Back swing, Rickie would manipulate the club vertically, more steep than most.  He is more on plane now because he is swinging with less forced manipulation and keeping the club closer to a 45% angle throughout the back-swing.

3) The top of the back-swing is less flat and laid off it he used to be.  He is now more vertical at the top and this prevents him from getting stuck to the inside on the downswing.

Rickie Fowler, previously had a very loopy back-swing.  Now that he has made these adjustments and is much more on plane, his scores are dropping from his increased accuracy.  These changes have helped with both his distance control and especially his consistency.  His swing has less forced manipulations and made it a lot easier to square the club head at impact.  This will mean a major in his near future, that's if you don't already consider The Players Championship one.  I suggest that everyone should make a conscious effort to redirect and manipulate the club less.  This will make for a less "around the world" Charles Barkley, jerky swing and you will look more like Rickie does now.