It's been a few days now and I'm still a bit down about Arnold Palmer's passing.  I think everyone in the golf community probably feels the same.  The King brought so much to golf and humanity.  He was my personal favorite, so I might be biased, but I think he was the greatest ambassador of golf and arguably the greatest of all sports.  He was a great player and humanitarian.  He won a U.S. Am, had 7 major victories and 62 PGA Tour wins.  He was great in the Ryder Cup as a player and captain, and playing captain.  He was such a friendly person that it seems like everyone has a story of how he talked to them like he was a close friend.  That's pretty amazing when you think of how many people Arnie came across through his 87 years.  He was in the Coast Guard and an avid pilot.  He started a children's hospital that has saved countless lives.  He left his fingerprint on many golf courses as a designer and was so humble that you would never think he did all of this.  Did I mention that he had his own army and a drink named after him.  He was such an influence that he basically made wearing pink cool.  It seemed like there was nothing he couldn't do or person that he couldn't reach.  Even in his passing, he will still be helping families and their children through his hospital.  Arnold Palmer was a great golfer, but probably a better humanitarian, philanthropist and person.  Arnie will surely be missed!