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Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion's Video

Uploaded By: Kyle . Category: Global . Added on: 29 June 2011.
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Analyze Tiger Woods swing in slow motion
In this video we can watch Tiger hitting his driver. This is one of my favorite slow motion videos. There are a lot of great positions worth pointing out in this swing. Notice the take away. Look at how long Tiger keeps the triangle of his arms and how this creates a wide arc, which produces power. This triangle can be seen again with an accending blow at impact. This position produces both power and consistency. Look at how straight Tiger keeps his left arm throughout the entire backswing and up until the finish. This also helps produce power through a larger arc as well as superior control. The most remarkable positions that I see in Tiger's swing are his head movement and finish position. He only moves his head a few inches laterally and vertically during the entire swing. This produces great consistency. Look at his finished position. The left side of his body is completely straight . This positon creates an almost perfectly straight line and a very repeatable swing for increased consistency.
9 years ago