One of the key components of a consistent golfer is good tempo. Tempo is the speed or pace of your swing and putting stroke. Each person typically has a unique internal clock causing different rhythm. There is a clear difference between Nick Price’s golf swing and Ernie Els'. Nick has a very quick tempo while Ernie’s is very slow. They are both great players and have many victories on tour which proves different speeds work for different players.

What is important is to find your own rhythm and be consistent with it. The best way to find this would either be with a metronome or by counting if you don’t have one handy. I like to count to three. 1. On my takeaway. 2. By the time that I reach the top of my back-swing and start back down. 3. When I get to my finish. Many people prefer to use the two count. One back and one through. I make sure that my back swing is full and not too quick. When I putt and chip I actually prefer to use the two count tempo. Find a tempo of your own and work on keeping it consistent. If you play with the same tempo on every shot throughout a round, I promise that the amount of strokes saved will be countless.