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Golf Grip

One of the most important lessons in golf is the grip. This is your only connection with the golf club and the foundation of a proper swing. For a right handed golfer the correct placement for your hands on the grip should start by placing your left hand on the club first, followed by your right. The handle of the club will run diagonally across the base of your fingers, from the base of the pointer finger to a point atop the callus pad below your pinky finger. The grip should be higher than the callus on the pointer finger while running just lower than the callus of the middle, ring, and pinky fingers. This will have the grip moving slightly further away from the base of each of those fingers in that progression.

The thumb should then be placed over the top of the grip, just running past the thumb straight down the shaft. To check that you have the correct grip, take a look at the line formed by the thumb and the pointer finger should point up to your armpit. You should be able to look down and see the 2 knuckles of your pointer and middle finger on the top of your left hand. The right hand grip is similar to that of the left. The biggest difference is the club is placed more in the fingers. The grip handle should be running from the callus on the base of the pinky finger to the middle of the pointer finger. The thumb should come over the top of the club and form the same line or crease between the thumb and pointer finger which should point to the armpit of your right arm while being able to see two knuckles on the top of the right hand as well. I prefer to interlock while others may prefer to overlap. This is related to the placement of the pinky on the right hand and the pointer finger on the left hand. I put my pointer finger on my left hand in between the pinky and ring finger on my right, wrapping them onto the knuckles of the opposite hand. This is called an interlock grip.

The overlap grip is taking the pinky finger on the right and resting it in the crease formed by the space between the pointer and middle finger on the left hand. The grip you choose is based upon personal preference. Whichever makes you feel most comfortable swinging the club. I would advise that you choose one grip and be consistent with it. You also want to check the grip by the "V's". The V formed by the thumb and pointer finger should point up to the arm-pit of the same arm. This should happen with both hands while being able to see two knuckles on each hand as well.